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Getting Compensation For Your Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be confused on what steps to take next. Unfortunately, you may have injuries that have prevented you from working or doing the things that you love. If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation. The law protects you and you need to take your matter to court. Because these cases are difficult in nature, you need an accident attorney by your side.

The first thing that we need to do is establish negligence. We need to examine the police report taken at the scene of the accident as well as any witness statements. It is very important that it is a clear cut case of neglect on the part of the driver. Was the accident caused because they were talking on the cell phone, eating, or not paying attention the roadway? Not every accident is grounds for a lawsuit. It is up to the legal team to prove that you were innocent in the incident.

After we determine that you have a legitimate case, we need to make contact with the other party. You should not talk to the insurance company or try to settle the claim with them. Any settlements must be done through the law firm after we have been retained. We use a formula to determine how much your claim is worth. Some things that are considered in the formula are the following:

•How many days of work have you missed?
•Has the accident permanently altered you with a physical disability?
•What is the level of pain and suffering?
•How do your medical issues affect your family?
•What will your quality of life be?
•Do punitive damages apply?

After we have our claim, we will attempt to settle with the other party. If they are unwilling to negotiate a settlement, we go to court. With your personal injury attorney by your side, we will establish our case on your behalf. We will use expert witnesses, medical reports, and any other professional we need to fight to win. Since these cases are done on a contingency basis, you don’t pay for our services unless we win.

Between the process of filing the case and receiving compensation, there can be a long period of time; each case is different. There can be appeals and all sorts of legal issues to deal with. However, we will fight long and hard to ensure that you get the money you need and deserve. If you had no fault in this accident, then you should be justly compensated for your pain or loss.

Nine Developmentally Disabled People Dead in State Care – No Charges Filed

The Washington Post has reported that a list has recently surfaced titled “Abuse and Neglect with Death Involved” relating to the deaths of nine developmentally disabled individuals that died while under state care. According to the article, this list surfaced as part of a Freedom of Information request by an advocate for developmentally disabled people under state care. The advocate alleges that this serves as an example of how the State of New York’s oversight body has failed to properly investigate suspicious deaths of developmentally disabled individuals that died while under state care. All of these deaths occurred in Suffolk County, and related questioning about the report that surfaced seemed to pit the oversight body that says it did report suspicious deaths to appropriate local law enforcement against local law enforcement bodies that said they never received such referrals. The Office of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner also noted that it had reported two suspicious deaths to local police. Subsequently, local police eventually conceded that they had, indeed, received the referrals in question. (more…)